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Music Or Suicide Professor Ramos Blog

Music Or Suicide There are many ways that you can define suicide and how it affects us as individuals. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are three different types of suicides. Suicide is defined as death caused by self-directed injurious behavior with intent to die as a result of the behavior. Suicide attempt is a non-fatal, self-directed, potentially injurious behavior with intent to die as a result of the behavior. A suicide attempt might not result in injury. And lastly Suicidal Ideation refers to thinking about considering, or planning suicide. We learn suicide in many different ways, such as listening to music, on television, the acts of another person, bullying, encouragment and many more. Our main focus will discuss how music affects teenagers and adolescents causing and leading them to self-harm and kill themselves. According to the American Foundation of Suicidal Prevention, There is no single cause for suicide. Suicide most often occurs when stressors and health issues coverage to create an experience of hopelessness and despair. Depression is the most common condition associated with suicide, and it often undiagnosed or untreated. Conditions like depression, anxiety, and substance problems, when unaddressed, increase risk of suicide. Some of the things that we can look out for when looking for signs of suicide is the behaviors of another person. Statistics have proven that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. for all the ages. In 2017, 47,173 Americans died by suicide and 1,400,000 Americans attempted suicide. There were twice as many suicides in the United States then there were homicides. Among females, the suicide rate was highest between the ages of 45-54, and males aging 65 and older(American Foundation of Suicidal Prevention, Suicide Statistics). There have been many situations of teens killing themselves, because of the encouragement of what artists sing in their music. 2 Famalies Sue Heavy-Metal Band As Having Driven Sons To Suicide, written by Larry Rohter gives an example of two young Nevada men who shot themselves two days before christmas listening to albums by the heavy metal band Judas Priest. Another incident was the traumatic suicide that led to over 100 suicides was the â€Å"Gloomy Sunday†, by RezsÅ‘ Seresss. According to Ranker by Jessica M. Thomas. In 1933, it was soon known worldwide as the cursed song, â€Å"A social reality of 1980s America was a significant rise in the teen suicides†(Jessica M. Thomas). There were many deaths from this song that those that killed themselves had held the lyrics to the song on a note paper as a suicide note. The song was banned in many places because of the increase of suicides. As a result according to Centre for Suicide Prevention, Some commentators claimed that certain emo groups promoted negative behaviors such as cutting, self-harm, and even anorexia. There was a growing fear that positive perceptions of suicidal behaviour were rising, and that this new media was helping to spread its message at alarming rates (Ovell 2011). We also may not forget the case of a 19 year old John McCallum, who shot himself to death while listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s song â€Å"Suicidal Solution†. (Robert Olson). Let us also take a look at the songs that also encourage suicide, for instance the band Blink 182 â€Å"Adams song† speaks â€Å" The choice was mine, I didn’t think enough, im to depressed, to go on, you’ll be sorry when I am gone.† This song not only spoke of him not being able to continue with his life, soon after a year later after its release a 17year-old survivor of the Columbine High School shooting used it to soundtrack his own suicide. The song Tonight I Will Retire by Damien Jurado sings â€Å" Tonight I will retire to these hands of the revolver and I don’t fear death, I will commit†¦ Sure me not I deserve to die†. Him shooting himself to forget about the pain that he feels, and that is the only way for him to feel happy. Alone Again Naturally by Gilbert O’ Sullivan â€Å" I promise to treat myself and visit a nearby tower and climbing to the top will throw myself off.† Writing this song of a bride leaving him at the altar, of a broken heart, his only way to end his pain was by throwing himself off a building. And lastly Papa Roach’s song Last Resort he sings in his song â€Å"Cut my life into pieces this is my last resort, Suffocation no breathing dont give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding.† The song convinces teenagers to question if living is worth it or is it better to commit. These songs as of thousands of more have encouraged those to end their life or try to attempt. We listen to the songs without even realizing what they are saying until the lyrics are right in front of us. In conclusion to the effects of music taking away the life of teenagers or adults, instead of encouraging them to look for the help we are only telling them it is okay to give up and doubt yourself. Taking your life away is the only way that you will find happiness. I believe that after the research we see how much suicide has increased even on its own. When the suicide rates started increasing Logic, Alessia Cara and khalid came out with the song (1800)273-8255, which is the number to the suicide hotline. The song encourages men and women to look for help and remind them that taking their life won’t fix the problem. In the song it also includes both point of views that sometimes it’s okay to question who you are nssd question life, but theres always someone out their who cares about you. If we can encourage young women and me. Or at any age to believe that they have a purpose the death rates and attempts would be lessened and could help many more look for the help that they need.If we can stop industries from publishing the songs that speak upon death or attempt it then we can encourage those to find help. Work Cited Overell, R. (2010). Emo online: Networks of sociality/networks of exclusion. Perfect Beat, 11(2), 141-162. Retrieved from online_networks_of_sociality_networks_of_exclusion â€Å"Risk Factors and Warning Signs.† AFSP, 14 Nov. 2018, Rohter, Larry. â€Å"2 Families Sue Heavy-Metal Band As Having Driven Sons to Suicide.† The New York Times, The New York Times, 17 July 1990, â€Å"Suicide, Rock Music and Moral Panics.† Centre for Suicide Prevention, â€Å"This Cursed Song Drives People To Suicide And You Can Listen To It Right Now.† Ranker, Vote on Entertainment Movies Tv Celebrity Comedy Horror behind the Scenes Nostalgia What to Watch Music Rock Hip Hop Country Metal Pop Music Singers Albums Music History Nerdy Gaming Comics Anime Cartoons Toys Tech Space Science Sports Nfl Soccer Nba Baseball Hockey College Sports Combat Sports Athletes Living Beauty Fashion Family Relationships Pets Home Career Automotive History Politics World History Us History Royalty War Mysteries Historical Figures Ancient History Culture Art Travel Books Deep Thoughts LGBTQ Astrology Funny Social Media Food Cooking Beverages Libations Fast Food Snacks Restaurants Healthy Eating Secret Menu Items Channels Total Nerd Weird History Button Mash Graveyard Shift Anime Underground Weird Nature Unspeakable Crimes Weirdly Interesting Video Shop,

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USS Leyte (CV-32) - Korean War Aircraft Carrier

USS Leyte (CV-32) - Korean War Aircraft Carrier USS Leyte (CV-32) - Overview: Nation:  United States Type:  Aircraft Carrier Shipyard:  Newport News Shipbuilding Laid Down:  February 21, 1944 Launched:  August 23, 1945 Commissioned: April 11, 1946 Fate:  Sold for scrap, 1970 USS Leyte (CV-32) - Specifications: Displacement:  27,100 tons Length:  888 ft. Beam: 93 ft. (waterline) Draft:  28 ft., 7 in. Propulsion:  8 Ãâ€" boilers, 4 Ãâ€" Westinghouse geared steam turbines, 4 Ãâ€" shafts Speed:  33 knots Complement: 3,448 men USS Leyte (CV-32) - Armament: 4 Ãâ€" twin 5 inch 38 caliber guns4 Ãâ€" single 5 inch 38 caliber guns8 Ãâ€" quadruple 40 mm 56 caliber guns46 Ãâ€" single 20 mm 78 caliber guns Aircraft: 90-100 aircraft USS Leyte (CV-32) - A New Design: Designed in the 1920s and early 1930s, the US Navys  Lexington- and  Yorktown-class aircraft carriers were planned to fit within the restrictions set forth by the  Washington Naval Treaty. This placed limitations on the tonnage of different types of warships as well as capped each signatory’s total tonnage. These types of rules were furthered by the 1930 London Naval Treaty. As world tensions increased, Japan and Italy left the treaty structure in 1936. Upon the collapse of this system, the US Navy began work on a design for a new, larger class of aircraft carrier and one which utilized the lessons learned from the  Yorktown-class. The resulting design was longer and wider as well as incorporated a deck-edge elevator system. This had been used earlier on  USS  Wasp  (CV-7). In addition to carrying a more sizable air group, the new class mounted a greatly enlarged anti-aircraft armament. Work began on the lead ship,  USS  Essex  (CV-9) on April 28, 1941. With the US entrance into  World War II after the  attack on Pearl Harbor, the  Essex-class rapidly became the US Navys standard design for fleet carriers. The first four ships after  Essex  followed the types original design. In early 1943, the US Navy made multiple changes to improve future vessels. The most noticeable of these alterations was the lengthening the bow to a clipper design which allowed the addition of two quadruple 40 mm mounts. Other changes included moving the combat information center below the armored deck, improved aviation fuel and ventilation systems, a second catapult on the flight deck, and an additional fire control director. Though known as the long-hull  Essex-class or  Ticonderoga-class by some, the US Navy made no distinction between these and the earlier  Essex-class ships. USS Leyte (CV-32) - Construction: The first ship to move forward with the revised  Essex-class design was USS  Hancock  (CV-14) which was later re-dubbed Ticonderoga.   It was followed by additional vessels including USS Leyte (CV-32).   Laid down on February 21, 1944, work on Leyte began at Newport News Shipbuilding.   Named for the recently fought Battle of Leyte Gulf, the new carrier slid down the ways on August 23, 1945.   Despite the end of the war, construction continued and Leyte entered commission on April 11, 1946, with Captain Henry F. MacComsey in command.   Completing sea trails and shakedown operations, the new carrier joined the fleet later that year. USS Leyte (CV-32) - Early Service: In the fall of 1946, Leyte steamed south in consort with the battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) for a goodwill tour of South America.   Visiting ports along the continents western coast, the carrier then returned to the Caribbean in November for additional shakedown and training operations.   In 1948, Leyte received a compliment of new Sikorsky HO3S-1 helicopters before moving to the North Atlantic for Operation Frigid.   Over the next two years it participated in several fleet maneuvers as well as mounted an air power demonstration over Lebanon to help deter a growing Communist presence in the region.   Returning to Norfolk in August 1950, Leyte quickly replenished and received orders to move to the Pacific due to the beginning of the Korean War. USS Leyte (CV-32) - Korean War: Arriving at Sasebo, Japan on October 8, Leyte completed combat preparations before joining Task Force 77 off the Korean coast.   Over the next three months, the carriers air group flew  3,933 sorties and struck a variety of targets on the peninsula.   Among those operating from Leytes deck was Ensign Jesse L. Brown, the US Navys first African American aviator.   Flying a Chance Vought F4U Corsair, Brown was killed in action on December 4 while supporting troops during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.   Departing in January 1951, Leyte returned to Norfolk for an overhaul.   Later that year, the carrier began the first of a series of deployments with the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean.    USS Leyte (CV-32) - Later Service: Re-designated an attack carrier (CVA-32) in October 1952, Leyte remained in the Mediterranean until early 1953 when it returned to Boston.   Though initially selected for deactivation, the carrier received a reprieve on August 8 when it was selected to serve as an anti-submarine carrier (CVS-32).   While undergoing conversion to this new role, Leyte suffered an explosion in its port catapult machinery room on October 16.   This and the resulting fire killed 37 and injured 28 before it was extinguished.   After undergoing repairs from the accident, work on Leyte moved forward and was completed on January 4, 1945.    Operating from Quonset Point in Rhode Island, Leyte commenced anti-submarine warfare activities in the North Atlantic and Caribbean.   Serving as flagship of Carrier Division 18, it remained active in this role for the next five years.   In January 1959, Leyte steamed for New York to begin an inactivation overhaul.   As it had not undergone the major upgrades, such as SCB-27A or SCB-125, that many other Essex-class ships had received it was deemed surplus to the fleets needs.   Re-designated as an aircraft transport (AVT-10), it was decommissioned on May 15, 1959.   Moved to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet in Philadelphia, it remained there until being sold for scrap in September 1970.   Selected Sources DANFS: USS Leyte (CV-32)NavSource: USS Leyte (CV-32)Hull Number: USS Leyte (CV-32)

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A Case Study of Ping an Life Insurance Company of China Dissertation

A Case Study of Ping an Life Insurance Company of China - Dissertation Example In the competitive markets, development and maintenance of good customer relations are indispensable for the success and survival of an organization in the long term. In this context, the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has evolved and it has gained significant importance in the global business scenario. In the emerging markets, customer management theories are being practically considered in the decision making processes of business firms. At present, Chinese firms are increasingly applying the CRM system with the aim of facilitating good customer relationship. In the competitive framework of the market, choices and decisions of customers play an important role in the performance of businesses. Customers are the key element that plays an important role in the survival of business firms (Cheng, 2005). CRM systems allow firms in China to focus on the customers and take greater care of their demand through more personalized service offerings (Dyche, 2002). It has been found through research that winning a new customer is almost five times more costly to a firm than retaining the existing customers. On the other hand, an additional 5 percent of existing customers are capable of increasing the profit by nearly 100 percent (Cheng, 2007). This shows that it is very important for management to implement the CRM system in their organizations. CRM is one of the modern day developments that have taken corporate organizations to a greater level of business. Chinese firms are adopting the CRM system fast. This process involves the implementation of software that would record the details of the company’s relationship with its customers through the performance of various indicators. Several advantages have been found to be associated with the process of CRM and various benefits accrue to the companies that implement this system. However, certain limitations are also associated with the process of CRM. Ping An Life Insurance Company of China, Ltd. rec ognizes the importance of CRM. The company was established as a major subsidiary of the parent company, Ping an Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. In the year 2002, Ping was the first company in China that had a shareholding structure. Gradually Ping An Insurance Group has grown and has begun offering various financial services including insurance products as core services and banking, securities, and investment services as tertiary businesses (Ping An, 2009). The CRM system helps the organization to focus on the business processes, marketing processes and customer service offerings of the company. This leads to the development of client relationship and maximization of ‘customer value’ in long run. In essence, implementation of CRM has brought a shift within the company from being a production-oriented organization into a customer-oriented organization. After implementing CRM, the company improves its communication channels. The information technology (IT) system acts as a coordinating agency across the different levels of operations (Kanji, 2002). Since the organization becomes more customer-centric, it also needs to train its employees in order to make them more involved in the business process and more efficient.

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Financial Appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Financial Appraisal - Essay Example Charities are evenly exposed to risk as compared to any commercial organization because of changing economic conditions, scare availability of funds and conservative approach towards operations due to limited resources. Regeneration through Education Limited (RTE) also has to be prudent in its business operation as its supporting adult education and training facility in deprived localities. For this purpose trustees must ensure prudence in their business operations. RTE is faced with the situation of tight funding and new supplier for their huge investment of  £100,000 in furniture and fittings. To mitigate the risk management of the trust has to follow two important components discussed below: Beside these two measures for risk coverage, RTE has to make the remaining payment within 10days of receipt of the goods therefore RTE has to manage its cash flow sensitivities during the construction period through: All charities are required to prepare accounts and make them available on request to public and authority commission (Deloitte, 2011).   The duty to file accounts and the Trustees’ Annual Report with the Charity Commission applies to all registered charities earning annual income or expenditure over  £10,000. RTE is maintaining annual turnover of  £ 2.5mn so it has to send its complete Annual Return to Charity Commission with 10 months of the financial year end (Charity Commission, 2011). RTE can only succeed in providing educational courses and infrastructure support to the under privileged segment of society if it is better able to manage its financial resources and report them accordingly within specified timeframe. This implies that RTE has to manage its inflows and outflows to meet their short, medium and long term business objectives and plan operational strategies based on these financial resource reporting and

- Assess the extent to which an Arab Winter followed, and was caused Assignment

- Assess the extent to which an Arab Winter followed, and was caused by, the Arab Spring - Assignment Example The Arab Spring was a misnomer that was motivated by wishful thinking. During the time of Arab Spring overthrowing of the authoritarian regimes gave democracy a chance to bloom. Not only that this movement had given many Islamist parties to advance their undemocratic agendas. While there was political instability in Middle East and West Africa many Islamist insurgents and terrorist groups got the opportunity to expand their influence (Scott, 2009). In such circumstances the Middle East became more hostile strategic environment where regional security, Western values including the US national interest was under severe threat. It was not possible for the United States to react with a difference to this situation. The popular rebellions that erupted in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and in other Arab countries during the so-called Arab Spring are works in progress that have caused various outcomes. Since America is not the policeman of the world it is not possible for America to govern the Middle East and instruct the people how they should live their lives. Washington, however, could do a better job to protect the US national interest and promote peace and prosperity in the Middle East(Bellin, 2012). The United States needs a comprehensive strategy to combat Islamist regimes that promote agendas counter to American interests and that suppress opportunities for political, religious, and economic freedom. The Arab Spring had steered an unprecedented political transformation, which devolved into a chaotic Islamist Winter in many Arab countries threatening the US national interest (Howard, et. al., 2011). Washington lost a key strategic partner when Egypt’s Mubarak regime was replaced by one dominated by the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood. Allies in Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen now have to deal with challenges posed by Islamist-dominated

Impact of Fatherhood and Motherhood on Organizational Careers Essay

Impact of Fatherhood and Motherhood on Organizational Careers - Essay Example It should be also noted that the development of a standard rule in regard to the potentials of individuals, both males and females, with children to fight for their employment rights is not possible. In fact, the review of the literature related to this subject has revealed that the impact of fatherhood and motherhood on work and organizational career is significant, an issue that needs to be taken into consideration by governors and legislators worldwide. 2. Fatherhood and motherhood as factors influencing work and organizational careers in the early 21st century. In the workplace, fathers and mothers have the potential to use certain advantages, as set by the law for the particular category of employees Shwalb, Shwalb and Lamb (2012) refer to the parental leave scheme, a scheme that allows fathers, as also mothers, to be far from work for a particular period of time in order to take care of their children (Shwalb, Shwalb and Lamb 2012, p.321). ...This means that the use of paternal leave can help mothers ‘to increase their contribution in the family’s expenses, a fact that would highly benefit their self-respect and confidence (Shwalb, Shwalb and Lamb 2012, p.321). Reference can be also made to the findings of another survey, also included in the study of Shwalb, Shwalb and Lamb (2012). In the context of the above survey Scandinavian parents were asked to state their view in regard to their preferable mode of family - expenses sharing by parents (Shwalb, Shwalb and Lamb 2012, p.321). A high percentage, 63%, of the participants responded that they would prefer that the family expenses would be covered equally by both parents (Shwalb, Shwalb and Lamb 2012, p.321). In any case, since the high majority of fathers is paid more than mothers, fathers are more likely to contribute at a higher percentage in family expenses (Ranson 2011). Miller (2010) highlights another issue. Because employment policies are different in each country, according to the loc al ethics and culture, it is quite difficult to identify a strategy that could highly promote the power of mothers and fathers in the workplace and that would be applicable in all organizations that have similar characteristics (Miller 2010, p.13). In this context, the potential identification of an effective strategy for helping fathers in the workplace would not affect the status of fathers in other organizations, who have different conditions and challenges to face (Miller 2010, p.13). The lack of an integrate policy for supporting fatherhood in the workplace is related primarily to the different political systems and interests in each country.

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How has Forensic Science Impacted Anit-terrorism Internationally or Research Paper

How has Forensic Science Impacted Anit-terrorism Internationally or Nationally - Research Paper Example Crime is on the rise and it can occur in places like schools, colleges, areas of businesses, public places or even right in the middle of the street. No one is safe from this menace and by no one, it certainly means, not even the Presidents of the countries. We have lively examples of Ronald Reagan, the US President, who was attacked by a gun man but remained safe and another example of President Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan, who was attacked by suicide bombers while he was marching his way towards his home in Karachi, Pakistan. Crime and criminals patrol at all hours of day and night. Their mission is to inculcate a sense of fear among the people with their unethical acts. They use knives and sometimes hand guns to disrupt the flow of society in acts of theft, robbery and murder. On the other hand, to show their supremacy over the authorities, acts of terrorism are put together by the terrorists to create havoc in the news bulletins across the world. (Larry J S iegel, 2009) But the question that clicks everyone's mind is what is done to cure this world from such acts committed by mercenaries and of narrow mindedness? One aspect of criminal investigation brings us to the widely known concept of forensic science. It is a sort of science that uses scientific techniques to cater and analyze physical evidence in criminal cases. The concept revolves around the crime scene investigation team who collects evidences from the crime scene and sends it to the forensic laboratories for analysis by the forensic examiners. (Howard Silverstone, 2007) Current challenges With ever growing nature of the forensic workers, their challenges have doubled since the past decade. Now the expectations have risen sky high and the authorities just don't want the forensic examiners to work hard in resolving an issue but now they also want from them agility and accuracy. With the increase in terrorist acts, the authorities want an increase in the efficiency of the foren sic results. In order to counter terrorism, any evidence ranging from a DNA test of a person to foot prints, from a pencil located at the crime scene to a chewing gum cover, every single object can lead the forensic scientists to glory. Every country in the world has realized that they are not invincible or untouchable. In the past couple of decades events like the attacks on the world trade centre in New York, the Murrah building in Oklahoma city, the bombing of flight 103 in Scotland, the 24/7 attacks in London and with many more on going terrorist attacks throughout the world have certainly put a strong challenge to the forensic authorities to work hard and fight crime and criminals. The importance of the findings from the forensic people is also very crucial because if the scientific evidence carries a false sense of significance, then it could lead to misleading results. They have to be very watchful in their working methods to avoid any incompetence. It is also very important for the forensic laboratories and for the people working in it to be independent in their thoughts, they shouldn't be biased towards anyone and furthermore their findings will be much more meaningful if the federal authorities and any of the senior ranked personnel’s do not interfere in their work to show their mind set and favoritism towards a certain party. Best practices Forensic science is a discreet witness to every criminal activity. No perpetrator can get away with his crime due to the diverse practices subsets of it. Forensic ballistics is one amongst the best current practices in Counterterrorism. This study involves analyzing the bullets, firearms and other